Ho Chi Minh,
Du Pham, a Project Manager with almost 15 years of experience in advertising industry, is Pixel Hub’s founder. He was flourished in the working environment of creativity and innovation. He started providing variety creative positioning solutions for different brands, gaining wider recognition from Honda, Lotte, Dunlop, Budweiser, Insee,….
Imbued with visual language and a pictorial sensibility, Du Pham’s attention soon turned to the love of art history which is easier for having a soft spot for images that strike the mind in a fraction of a second. In 2019, he became one of the credibility instructor of Digital Imaging Academy.

 Established in 2020, Pixel Hub understand that brand image is the soul of business in this new era. Hence, meticulousness and quality results are our priorities when working with clients. Each creative solutions that Du Pham and Pixel Hub bring on the table that must be completed with the highest sense of responsibility. Du Pham’s photographs forcefully bridge the creativity of visual problem solutions and commercial photography.

 He offers stunning image creation and compositing that heralds a new era in dynamic, innovative image creation. In 2022, his work has also been recognized internationally in the ONE EYELAND PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2022 [Bronze Award - Professional Advertising Photographer]


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The client provides a detailed description of the corporate’s product, target audiences, and a creative item, key message, and key visual to be conveyed to target audiences



Pixel Hub will define and advise the optimal production solutions with a detailed strategy about the estimate cost, workforce, timeline to meet client's expectations for speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness



The project will be implemented as schedule and budget plan



Pixel Hub will deliver high-resolution files to client through digital platforms